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Why I am (still) on the notoriously bad Facebook (but not “bad” in the relatively respectable Michael Jackson sense of the word “bad”)

It will really bother me in the afterlife if I have inadvertently caused anyone to join or remain on Facebook. Please leave now if I was the inciting cause and then take the time re-think your options. It probably wasn’t caused by me though. You were most likely stressed out by all that Facebook spam, fear of missing out and looking like a friendless loser. Continue reading

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Jokela High School Massacre, Tuusula, Finland

A few hours ago. Seven people are dead. An 18 year old man, Pekka-Eric Auvinen, has murdered his school colleagues and headmistress at Jokela High School and then fatally shot himself in the head. It happened in Tuusula, just 40 … Continue reading

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