No More Fake Profiles. Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook are you listening? Like, share and comment if you are.

 A simple FaceBook post revealed the unvoiced concerns of ordinary FaceBook users that they want an end to endless spam, scams and catfishing of FaceBook’s criminal underbelly. Here is the post:

FaceBook – a scammer’s paradise?

FaceBook has become overpopulated with spammers, scammers, catfishers and criminals. Let FaceBook know that you are want fake profile spam and catfishing to be detected and banned. Like and share this post. Keep FaceBook safe. Write a comment here like "I want a safe friendly FaceBook not a crook’s paradise". Let Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook know your wishes. Stand together. Make your own voices heard. Let it start here today.

F = Fail! FaceBook could detect and ban scammers quickly but are failing.

FaceBook has the technological and computational resources to detect fake profiles that use fake pictures stolen from the internet of real people. FaceBook knows when someone shares a spam adverts selling Rayban sunglasses, sex toys, loan shark financial services, porn video images and links and dangerous "Nigerian 419" money scams.

FaceBook – Silicon Valley became Porn Valley

FaceBook could detect pornographic photos that break FaceBook’s ToS (Terms of Service). Why then does FaceBook wait for FaceBook users to complain when they could act as soon as a porno pic is uploaded? And why does FaceBook’s compliance investigations department fail to recognise obvious fake accounts? I know about actual cases where stalkers have created multiple fake profiles using photos that are too "good to be true" professional photos of celebrities and athletes. FaceBook can detect that the con-artist used the same computer and internet connection to create the multiple fake accounts because FaceBook is data-mining.
I reported to FaceBook a pornographic video image that was posted on my wall by a fake FaceBook profile. FaceBook reviewed the profile and reported that it did not break their ToS. Had FaceBook not viewed the porn video image as enough cause to ban the fake porn spamming account?

Fake Profiles Galore. Where are all the true friends?

I get over 100 FaceBook friends per day. I cannot accept all of them. I don’t want fake profiles. It wastes a space that could be taken by a real spiritual seeker desiring Awakening and Enlightenment. I sometimes do not have time to check all the FaceBook friend invites that I receive. I have over 700 friend invites to review. FaceBook has a 5000 friend limit.

Friends: Help me find you!

It would be helpful if spiritual friends send me a message so that I can see their friend invite. It would be helpful if spiritual friends show their spiritual interests in their profile description, public wall posts or cover photo. Then I can identify and accept them quickly.
I want real seekers as friends. Please invite friends who you know have spiritual and personal development interests to friend me – if you believe that they might be interested. Let’s fill our 5000 FaceBook friend quota with sincere friends.

FaceBook – a massive social profiling data mining intelligence gathering project?

Some people believe that FaceBook does not want fake profiles.  But a contrary opposing view is that FaceBook is performing experiments on its captive users so that they can fully profile their mind and behavioural patterns (evidence of this has been reported in the media).

Welcome to the Skynet future: Not FaceBook but FaceBorg!

Your habits are your real and are used to generate a hidden FaceBook profile, your true human identity, that could be used to drive a massive Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) program, just like the Matrix. FaceBook is full of so many fake friends that it starts to feel like an unreal dream. Some call it “FaceBorg” (a cross between FaceBook and Terminator Skynet cyborgs). Just add some Virtual Reality googles and you will be able to live in a world populated by surrogate fake friends and mafia owned script-kiddie pimped-out ‘bots’. Is this the FaceBook future?

< Mark Zuckerberg please take care of your 1 billion+FaceBook users? Could you spare 2 minutes and maybe 2 cents to comment?

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