Protect from Dangers of EMF, WiFi, GSM, Cell Phone Radiation

EMF radiation is hazardous to your health, mental, emotional, hormonal development and functioning. Radiation exposure can cause headaches, insomnia and nerve pain.

Do not live near or work cell phone masts and repeaters. Many tall buildings especially in urban areas and by the side of motorways have EMF repeaters on the roof and the side of the building.

Unfortunately, cell phone repeaters have been sited next to schools.
Create a distance between yourself and EMF devices such as mobile cell phones, WiFi enabled routers and modems, DECT hands-free phones, games consoles and controllers (XBOX, Playstation), microwave ovens and Smart phones.

Disable where possible using software configurations and hardware switches WiFi and Bluetooth devices such as headphones, speakers, mouse and keyboard, printers, laptops and computers, iPad and iPhone, modems and routers, car Bluetooth connections (for phone and MP3 audio.

EMF/EMR that goes through walls can be reduced by 90% by using layers of aluminium baking foil (toxic to use in cooking but effective in reducing toxic EMF).

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