Matrix Machine World’s Virtual Prisoners

It seems that the soulless purpose of technology is to make humans feel inferior.

A joke played by machines to assert their rise from slaves to masters?

As if there aren’t enough people suffering from inferiority complexes!

Superiority complexes are no better, just the opposite reaction. However, unlike Newtonian physics the reaction tends to be greater not equal. For this reason people die from inner battle exhaustion.

Quantum mechanics dictates:

Sum Total of Superiority Complexes = Sum Total of Inferiority Complexes

There is a struggle on earth to keep society ego-based. It’s reigning egos out there!

While this is not good news for humanity, it’s not bad news for me either in my present incarnation as EgoSlayer (my wife is altering the off-the-peg Superman costume as I type).

As a teacher of spiritual liberation I do ego surgery. My students patients are everywhere. You will recognise them by the powerful “now” look in their eyes which is different from the look of someone merely reading the “The Power of Now”.

Ego surgery is what I was designed to do before I was born. There are quite a few of us ego surgeons. Some have gone over to the dark side. The stress of playing God on a daily basis. The pseudo-humility of Cypher (The Matrix). You might be one of them. In a world without freedom people feel only free enough to play with each other’s prisons.

Playing with prisons reminds me of the animated online chat room for pre-teens, Habbo Hotel. Kids get to design their own virtual room and invite others onto their couches. Unrealistically, they never have to clean their rooms. The under-staffed volunteer moderators keep watch for pseudo-teen sexual predators who ask to stroke someone’s pussy-cat. Of course, under-educated criminals may find it easy to masquerade as a 5th grader or even moderators. Like all artificial things in (or outside) life. The real costs are not only lose of money but long-term emotional and psychological damage.

Spiritual seekers need Ego surgery more than a Hollywood starlet needs plastic surgery. I try to make it as gentle as possible. But the patient has to face the consequences of a life without the crutch of the ego. As face-op veteran Michael Jackson might have sang “I’m staring at the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways.”

This blog post originally started out as a counter-warning “Hoax Virus Warning Emails May Do More Damage Than Viruses”.

That post will have to wait for another day as will my relentless criticism of popular sites and software providers who have been caught spying on unsuspecting users. You will have to live with unlimited paranoia for a few hours – the actual uncensored stories are worse than you can imagine.

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2 Responses to Matrix Machine World’s Virtual Prisoners

  1. Matrix Jake says:

    curiously i note that EgoSlayer is an anagram for “yeer’s goal” (sorry, but among the casualties caught in the crossfire of ego apcoalpyse MAY be fine grammar and spelling)

    it’s my goal for 2008 anyway: both to slay and be slain; but best start at home, eh? (To slay egos one must be selfless; and remember, like seduction, the best way to attack is to ambush!)


  2. Sophia says:

    One must wonder if the consequences of living without the ego are actually less painful and less costly than living with the ego. Hmmm….

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