Jokela High School: Public Discussion At Last!

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At last! Two meetings, arranged by ordinary members of the community, to publicly discuss the Jokela High School catastrophe. There is also a website, a forum and a YahooGroup. (The 25 Nov 2007 event details can be found at the end of this message. (Update: Event cancelled by Tuusulan local government. See Tuusula Officials Cancel Community Discussion)

However, this has not been easy to arrange. These types of public civic-minded crisis meetings are seem new to Finnish culture. I am confident that when aroused Finns will design solutions. Maybe the Finns, so far, passive reluctance comes from the mistaken belief that the government can solve every problem. In this case, a school boy gun rampage, the government can only do so much. The community has to be involved in the eventual solution.

The rest of this post is directed mostly to Finnish locals but you are all welcome to read it:

Because national feelings of mourning and despair are high now, it is important that everyone gets involved in the first event as a show of solidarity. It will happen in school in Tuusula, 18 days after the massacre. We want to take back schools and make them safe for our children, not only in Finland but the world.

The second meeting will be a week later in a Helsinki school on Sunday 02.12.07.

Please spread the news about the event. Post the URL (links) to the website, the download-able printable event poster(s) and YahooGroup. In future, an English section will be added to the web-site forum.

Contact your friends and families, spiritual groups, healers, journalists, teachers, students, doctors, etc.

Spread the good news to forums, mailing lists and newspaper reader’s letters pages. You all know people who can help. Finally and firstly, YOU can help.

These events are organised with zero budget but endless, infinite compassion and love.

We need volunteers. We have some speakers but we invite more for this and future events.

The small team of volunteers have a lot to do. If you want to contact them then make it easier on their time by emailing:

The phone hotline is for urgent messages only special cases. Don’t email me about planning

These are the details that I want you to put in your diary for participation:

Sunnuntaina 25.11.2007 kello 13-15.30

Hyökkälän koulu, Kirkkotie 11, 04300 Tuusula.

(Update: Event cancelled by Tuusulan local government. See Tuusula Officials Cancel Community Discussion)



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Blessings to those who dare to care,

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