Jokela 07.11.07: For God’s Sake, Let’s Talk About It

Finns aren’t talking about the Jokela High School Massacre which left 9 dead last week.

That’s the direct experience of one Finnish High School student in Helsinki (just 45 mins away from the the tragedy).

The Finnish media reported that government ministers recommended that every school talk to students the day after the murders. It did not happen in every school.

The student told me “The teachers have not said a single word about it to us. The students don’t know what to say. The media is reporting it less and less.”

This is worrying. The tragedy happened less than one week ago.

People need to talk. They want to talk but they aren’t.

The Finnish teenager knows just about everything about the event and a fair amount about Auvinen’s sad life. He was on the IRC chat channels after the massacre. There he conversed openly with other boys who actually knew, Pekka-Eric Auvinen, the 18 year old who gunned down 5 male students, 2 teachers and 1 nurse before shooting himself in the head. There they freely gave him the URLs to the dead killer’s online directories. Auvinen had been busy on the internet spreading his message of hate, surfing web-sites glorifying Columbine High School killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and reaching out to other disaffected anti-social teens like 14-year-old Dillon Cossey who was arrested in October for preparing a similar school attack in suburban Philadelphia.

Potential killers are openly networking and sharing ideas whilst innocent people grieve in isolation. It’s time that concerned citizens started talking. The lack of good communication is literally killing people.

The day after the killings my students and I went to a Finnish island where we discussed ways to empower individuals to make a difference and stop this happening again.

We plan to host meetings where everyone, adults and teenagers, can talk out their concerns and find support. Someone has to do it.

If you find this message and feel moved enough to get involved and network then contact me now

Read also this disturbing development: Teenagers held in Sweden as fear of copycat killings grows

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  1. Kirsi-Marja Kovanen says:


    Thanks for doing something..people talk about Massacre and how scared they are.

    I think that it is miracle that such things doesn’t happen more often, because our world has very hard values right now (at least in media). There should be more love and careing.

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