H1N1 Vaccine Child Narcolepsy Pharmaceutical Lottery

Shocking but not surprising on the Finnish news tonight.

20 Finnish children had been reported to their doctors with symptoms of narcolepsy after being injected with the H1N1 vaccine.

h1n1 vaccine narcolepsy

h1n1 vaccine narcolepsy

A mother in my teaching group reported on Facebook that her child had sleep problems 2 days after being injected with H1N1 vaccine. She advised other parent’s to consider carefully if they would do the same for their child.

So today’s big question is: Who wants to play H1N1 vaccine pharmaceutical lottery with their child’s life?

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6 Responses to H1N1 Vaccine Child Narcolepsy Pharmaceutical Lottery

  1. anna says:

    We have 6 diagnosed and reported cases in Sweden (and a lot mor suspected).

  2. Dave Oshana says:

    6 cases of what? H1N1 vaccine caused narcolepsy?

  3. anna says:

    Today (25 aug) in Sweden the number have increased from 6 to 10 cases of diagnosed narcolepsy, all with brake out short after flu shot.
    We also have 10 cases that is not yet diagnosed, but suspicioused narcolepsy.
    All 20 cases is under investigation with connection to h1n1 vaccine Pandemrix.
    Finland, who usually only have approx 3 narcolepsy cases yearly, until now 2010 has over 15 new cases (diagnosed).
    Also Germany have reported cases.

  4. anna says:

    All of them are children…

  5. Dave Oshana says:

    Thanks Anna. It’s important to share the love and the news because in general different countries are not reporting controversial items (meaning big money is involved) quickly enough or worse spread confusion.

    I see that so-called sceptics are fighting back, not real skeptics but small minded mercenaries and eccentrics, by inviting websites to carry an advert which claims to keep a count of deaths caused by not vaccinating.

    If there were truly sceptical i.e. balanced, then they would present deaths caused by vaccinating. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry has buried studies which they commissioned when the results go against their products – this I heard from someone who used to work in the drugs industry.

    Everyone should have access to the full information so that they can make informed choices about which drugs and vaccines. Unfortunately, the public are in the dark and the last to know.

  6. Ana Moreira says:

    I also have a patient who started having sleep problems 15 days after being vaccinated with h1n1. She has a low Orexin level also

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