Faith in Life = Responsibility

Whilst Londoner Gerard Vowls, 47, was not able to disarm the 3 London Bridge terrorists who were eventually killed by 8 armed police officers firing 50 bullets he did affect their slashing and stabbing trajectory by distracting them with shouted taunts and thrown objects. He could have gone back to the pub where he was watching the Champions League final or gone home. But he could not. Instead he risked becoming a fatality at the hands of the terrorists or caught in the police gunfire as was one unfortunate person. Gerard could not turn his back as he saw women and men being coldly stabbed. He called the terrorists “cowards” and faced them.

Gerard took responsibility. He responded instead of avoiding. He faced reality. Taking responsibility means the ability to respond, it does not guarantee success.

What is your individual responsibility and can you take it? The worst, deepest existential death is to walk away from taking responsibility that you know is yours. Instead a person fills their life with pseudo-responsibilities, meaningless distractions and fake problems. If the mainstream media is able to sell fake news then it is in part possible because the human brain can be wilfully turned into a reality-avoiding fantasy factory.

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