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Toxic Shock: Your Country Is Poisoning You

Neurotoxins. They derange the mind and they’re legal! Junkies no longer need drugs to get wasted. Just sniff your pillows! Pillows are sometimes doused in a powerful neurotoxin to stop your head catching fire! The chemicals are called Brominated Flame … Continue reading

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Tuusula Officials Cancel Community Discussion

A sad day at a sad time in Finland. Tuusula citizens have been deprived of the chance to discuss ways that the community can help in preventing another Jokela High School tragedy after Tuusulan municipality officials over-turned an earlier decision … Continue reading

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Jokela High School: Public Discussion At Last!

Dear Reader, At last! Two meetings, arranged by ordinary members of the community, to publicly discuss the Jokela High School catastrophe. There is also a website, a forum and a YahooGroup. (The 25 Nov 2007 event details can be found … Continue reading

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Parents Ordered to Court for Kids’ Injections – Nov 17, 2007

Disturbing – that parent’s rights over what gets injected into their children’s bodies is being taken away by threat of imprisonment from government This story from USA: Anyone seem Heroes? You might get the sinister implications if you … Continue reading

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