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Faith in Life = Responsibility

Whilst Londoner Gerard Vowls, 47, was not able to disarm the 3 London Bridge terrorists who were eventually killed by 8 armed police officers firing 50 bullets he did affect their slashing and stabbing trajectory by distracting them with shouted … Continue reading

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No More Fake Profiles. Mark Zuckerberg and FaceBook are you listening? Like, share and comment if you are.

 A simple FaceBook post revealed the unvoiced concerns of ordinary FaceBook users that they want an end to endless spam, scams and catfishing of FaceBook’s criminal underbelly. Here is the post: FaceBook – a scammer’s paradise? FaceBook has become … Continue reading

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Protect from Dangers of EMF, WiFi, GSM, Cell Phone Radiation

EMF radiation is hazardous to your health, mental, emotional, hormonal development and functioning. Radiation exposure can cause headaches, insomnia and nerve pain. Do not live near or work cell phone masts and repeaters. Many tall buildings especially in urban areas … Continue reading

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Protect Your Teenage Girls From HPV Cervical Cancer Jab

Does your teenage girl or relative think that she must have the HPV  (human papilloma virus) immunization injection? Is she worried? Teenage girls report fainting spells following “the jab”. Is it safe? Despite threats and pressure – this still insufficiently … Continue reading

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Facebook Policy Change Vote Mechanism Failed Browser Security

Under pressure from a German law student Facebook have had to allow European Facebook users access to some of the data which Facebook have been gathering about them. Facebook wanted to change their privacy policies again but declared that they … Continue reading

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True Friends Encourage You to Leave Facebook

Dear friends, I am leaving Facebook – forever. I will exit some other dodgy sites in due course and let you know about it. If you do not mind having your identity stolen, your computer hacked and sending out viruses … Continue reading

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H1N1 Vaccine Child Narcolepsy Pharmaceutical Lottery

Who wants to play H1N1 vaccine pharmaceutical lottery with their child’s life? Continue reading

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Why I am (still) on the notoriously bad Facebook (but not “bad” in the relatively respectable Michael Jackson sense of the word “bad”)

It will really bother me in the afterlife if I have inadvertently caused anyone to join or remain on Facebook. Please leave now if I was the inciting cause and then take the time re-think your options. It probably wasn’t caused by me though. You were most likely stressed out by all that Facebook spam, fear of missing out and looking like a friendless loser. Continue reading

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Leave Facebook, Find Privacy Alternatives, Protect Facebook Friends

Nothing can protect your Facebook data except leaving Facebook! Find safer alternatives. Protect your friends. Continue reading

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The Matrix Meltdown at Christmas: Real Goodwill

One day the whole world will stand in wonder how they got duped by the Christmas marketing myth. Continue reading

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