Another School Shooting: Kauhajoki

There is so much good that we can share and then a student texted me some bad news . . .

The Sadness of Kauhajoki Tragedy

I must commiserate with the shocking news of the shooting incident in Kauhajoki today.

A 22 year old Finnish man, Matti Saari, shoot and killed many people (update 10 dead) in a vocational school in Kauhajoki. Not all the facts are known yet. Police have sealed off the area and press are denied access. Youtube and other websites have taken down pages for user Wumpscut86 but information has been archived by some internet users.

If it can comfort you, I want you to know that my work is about creating a better future for humanity. Last year, we had prepared an open conference about theĀ  Jokela High School tragedy – unfortunately this was obstructed by career professionals in the Tuusula municipality. Although Finns could not believe that the shooting could happen it obviously could. I warned that it could happen again (and this is an uncomfortable thing to warn about). It has been less than 1 year since the Jokela school massacre and the modus operadi is similar.

I leave you with the question “What concrete steps has the government actually taken to safeguard your children since Jokela?” – if no solution has been implemented then it falls on your shoulders to make something constructive happen.

The human race can, inspite of its history, became a channel for peace, love, happiness and joy.

Quashed public event on Jokela see Tuusula Officials Cancel Community Discussion

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12 Responses to Another School Shooting: Kauhajoki

  1. Norris Hall says:

    Sooner or later countries like Norway and the United States will realize that some form of gun control will need to be enacted to prevent crazy people from getting semi automatic weapons and killing innocent people.
    Unfortunately it will probably come later than sooner
    Meanwhile more people will die at the hands of crazy people with guns.
    You can’t carry a loaded weapon onto an airplane.
    Why should you be allowed to walk around a school with one.

  2. stalepie says:

    School should be voluntary. They shouldn’t force him to go to school. He was going to college, but in order to learn cooking, or get a degree, so he could work a mindless boring job for the rest of his life. That shouldn’t be his lot in life, or anyone’s. We should try to develop a world where people do what they want to do with their life, not be trapped. People put too much value on education and learning. If they truly valued it, they wouldn’t allow people like Matti Saari to pass the 2nd grade. Or, if that’s too harsh, they wouldn’t allow him to pass the 9th grade, or however the grading system works in Finland. However, the school system is soft, and rewards people like him. It makes our lives meaningless. I was fortunate enough to escape early, but it never surprises me that killings like this go on. Of course people want out of school, and of course they don’t want to work a miserable job the rest of their life. And so some people will take a stand against that and fight.

  3. stalepie says:

    I mean, our school systems reward everyone. They never teach hate, only love. But that creates confusion, because they should be given hate for having failed at their tests and for having not paid attention in class. Instead they aren’t even really graded anymore. It’s meaningless. School is meaningless. And then you get out of school and find that work is meaningless. So life seems to be meaningless too even though it isn’t if you can find an escape. Death is not an escape because when you die that’s it. I guess. Some people say death is not the end. Well, I say those people are wrong and they’re part of the problem. We should love life. We should try to make life a lovable thing, and make this world, a wonderful place, for everyone, even for people like Matti who grow up to be murderers.

  4. stalepie says:

    However, if Matti had not killed himself, I would say that he should be put to death.

  5. stalepie says:

    He should be put to death because he murdered other people. I mean, he should be given a trial. People kill themselves in such a situation because they don’t even want to face the tedium of the courts.

    I really think school should be voluntary worldwide. In America it is not voluntary, because you have to choose from public, private or homeschooling, or face trouble with the law (usually financially, your parents get in trouble).

    If someone doesn’t want to go school, then he shouldn’t have to. And to become a cook? You need to go to school to become a cook? That’s ridiculous. Cooking is one of the oldest human activities. You don’t need a school system, a vocational college, to teach that.

  6. stalepie says:

    Moderator, you may edit these comments however you want.

  7. yeah right says:

    Ehhehe, you wouldn’t pass those fantasy grades yourself…

    You can’t help it with nice little changes in the system. This whole culture is fucking sick, its values have been sold and its people live in hell. It won’t change by putting some more money to some services or changing the education, not to talk about blaming the “crazy people” of it all – that’s all utterly stupid, sorry. It’s maybe all too late, and they don’t even want to face what’s happened in the large scale and what should perhaps be done. On the contrary continues the neverending scum-talk, blabla…

  8. yeah right says:

    Stalepie, sorry how old are you…..?

    Teaching itself is an old activity, so we don’t need the schools themselves, none at all, they are ridiculous, right?

    If we don’t have the education, then what do we have? Loads of people who never had the fancy to learn much anything. That’d be cool and make everything more sensible for sure, yeah…..

    In western civilizations like Finland they’ve abandoned death penalties a long time ago, so I suggest you keep your hanging mentality with yourself.

  9. stalepie says:

    But Matti was acting as an executioner. He believed in the death penalty. And he was Finnish.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe this incident has much to do with education. Actually, my guess lies in Finnish culture. I’m a half Finn myself, and living here, I personally know how the environment and society encourages an introverted, solitary type of lifestyle. Thoughts easily go unchecked by others.
    I don’t believe in imposing values on others, but there must be something we can do to make sure thinking patterns such as Auvinen’s and Saari’s are realized and discouraged.
    Easier said than done, I know.

  11. Laura says:

    Stalepie, when you say:

    “But Matti was acting as an executioner. He believed in the death penalty. And he was Finnish.”

    What exactly do you mean by that? That he was just another ordinary Finnish guy, and because he decided to kill someone, all Finns believe in death penalty? I most certainly don’t.

    And when you say:

    “And to become a cook? You need to go to school to become a cook?”

    Why yes, you do. Do you expect people to learn the important things about hygiene and such the hard way? That would lead to a lot of people dying or just getting sick.

  12. Lauri says:

    I’m a Finn living in Helsinki. Just today I went out to have a nice stroll on a beautiful Sunday morning. I felt very happy watching some squirrels run around, doing what they do. But during my walk I saw something disturbing. I came across three groups of children. First group had makeshift swords. The second had miniaturized assault rifle toys. Third group was practicing boxing moves on one another.

    I used to think that “boys are just boys” and I recall endulging in similar activities when I was a kid. But this time it struck me and I felt really sad, wondering why do we feel the need to prepare for violence?

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