A Happy New Year?

I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year, but please pause for a moment, tune-in. We use this word “happy” so much

Meditate on what the word “happiness” is. Is happiness what you want? Can you ever expect happiness when your eyes have been open to see how bad the world really is?

The perfunctory greeting “I wish you a Happy New Year” always comes, as if by habit, after Christmas. Of course, the date January 1st is not really the beginning of a true new year, it is arbitrary, imposed by powerful men who are long since dead. Christmas is not what it purports to be either. It certainly is not when Christ was born.

Christmas is reportedly a time of peace and goodwill. But do you see much peace and goodwill at Christmas?

British school teachers tell a “true story” every Christmas of an incident that supposedly happened during war. Like every story, especially those told of war or in church – it is probably fictitious.

It was supposed to have happened either between 1914-1918 or 1939-45. I don’t remember the date. Since the story isn’t true, it probably does not matter. The dates refer to the World Wars. World War I was called the Great War and the War To End All Wars both of which are untrue. There is nothing great about war although there are still a lot of people who still think war is a good thing. Be wary of the next generation programmed by simulated war video games, we have no idea where their thoughts will take them – or do you?

The World Wars didn’t kill the most number of people. More have died since. Have you yet noticed that we are still in a war?

Anyway, back to the story. Supposedly on Christmas Day, the war stopped. The opposing sides started singing Christmas carols (I just know this story was the church’s propaganda department). One soldier kicks a football into no-man’s-land, and a football match ensues. Amazing! But next day is Boxing Day and you know what that means? End of Christmas spirit – time to kill each other – as missiles and mustard gas rains in. Why couldn’t they just decide to be peaceful for another 364 days? Oh, I almost forgot it was just a story. The vicar had to bring us back to reality before leaving the theatre of the church.

The insanity of Christmas – that time of year when people try to be nice – and fail miserably! A time for alcohol poisoning, mind-numbing TV shows, unrealistic songs (named after a man or woman called Carol) and embarrassing, useless gifts bought in a hurry at over-inflated prices.

Christmas is not about the real Christ. Nor is it about Saint Nicholas. Santa Claus wears a soulless business suit. Shops are the new temples, salesmen are the new priests. They sell indulgences in the form of expensive meaningless gifts. The worshippers never easing their guilty consciences become shopaholics – and repeat business is granted.

Is it any surprise that on New Year’s Eve that people do stupid, self-destructive things like … suicide? Stupid – perhaps, illogical – unfortunately not. Famous philosophers have committed suicide too. Suicide is a natural consequence of a prison-like society. In Finland only 1,000 people kill themselves per year in a country of 5,000,000. I say only because the figure has gone down according to a recent newspaper report. The figures have been massaged and excuses made so that Finland does not have to appear to have the highest suicide rate in Europe (before the East European countries joined in). Why sweep it under the carpet? People are unhappy wherever you go even in the land of Santa Claus. Anyway, it’s 3 suicides a day which is tragic because it has long-term effects – not only for the deceased.

If you really want to know how it got this way then you are asking to go down The Matrix’s rabbit hole.

Do you want to know what happened to your ancestors and what will happen to your future generations? This is not for everyone. Some people prefer to stay asleep.

In Finland, attempts to discuss the Jokela High School Massacre were suppressed by local government. Paradoxically, President Tarja Halonen said there is a need for a community discussion. No one, of course, is going to do anything. What you see in the media is not what happens behind the scenes.

Have the causes which led a teenager to commit the Jokela massacre gone away? Have conditions improved? Considering that the tragedy has wrecked not only the lives of the Jokelan families, but all their relatives and friends, and the public belief in a peaceful Finland, then it must be said that things are worse now than ever before. I could provide more data but now is not the time, I am supposed to be wishing you a Happy New Year.

How twisted that many people want to think that the human race is improving as daily it destroys more land, trees, herbs, wildlife species – oh and did I say even human life itself. Indeed, after Jokela one New Age journalist simple wrote that the Jokela School victims had died as a sacrifice to wake the rest of us up! Er … anyone wake up yet? I don’t think so. Please don’t follow the logic of this journalist – it leads nowhere that you would want to go.

Wish you a Happy New Year? We can all wish, but what good is wishing? It would make me a failed prophet. My prophecy: it’s going get worse – unless you do something to make it better. I am not sure what to tell you do to do except get Enlightened for all the positive reasons which are explained elsewhere in my writings.

“Get Enlightenment-Now Because Tomorrow Might Be Too Late” was the headline of an advert we wanted to run this time last year. Ironically, the advert was suppressed by, of all possible publications, a New Age magazine! “In our [less than humble] opinion” they said “time is NOT running out”.

Do you think censorship is only practiced by the “free” press of the mass media? It is practiced by all media. It’s just more shocking when you find that so-called spiritual press practice it.

There are important messages which society-at-large does not want you to hear. Try this one: mobile phones kill people. Or this one: modern birthing methods torture babies. Or even: doctors promote more abortions. It’s uncomfortable to think about, but if you don’t think, and you don’t act, then how will things ever get better? They won’t. They aren’t getting better as of yesterday thousands of years ago.

Some of you will urge me “write something positive”. This has been positive. I have spoken from my conscience to the best of my ability. You are being provoked to act upon your conscience. Others do not want you to do that. People who speak openly and honestly lose friends and fail to influence people.

What will I offer this season?

I want to talk about social issues: the need for natural childbirth, a return to breastfeeding, longer maternity leave for mothers, home education, raising children and, of course, spirituality – it’s all about spirituality.

I would like to help organise a discussion panel of youth workers, teachers, so-called “experts”, celebrities, drug crisis counsellors and community activists. I could do it alone, but not being able to speak Finnish, it might take me a long time. At the very least, I know that I can share my insights as a spiritual teacher (and psychologist) observing international social problems and attempted solutions.

Remember: all problems are now international and will eventually visit your country. Are you ready?

I enjoy teaching Oshana Energy-Work. It feels incredibly good to clean the body and psyche. You will know what I mean when you practise it.

So what’s my New Year’s message?

May all living beings find perfect freedom in 2008!

Dave Oshana

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